Altos de Campana National Park

The Altos de Campana National Park (Parque Nacional y Reserva Bi�logica Altos de Campana) is located in the western portion of Panama Province. It is approximately 1 to 1 � hours west of Panama City along the Pan American Highway, and covers 11,903 acres, which includes two important watersheds, the Sajalices river that flows towards the Pacific Ocean and the Ciri and Trinidad rivers that join the Chagres river. This park protects a large portion of area important to the operation of the Panama Canal. It is also considered Panama�s first national park, and was established in 1966. The park is located on the eastern slope of the El Valle Del Anton volcano, and this heritage can be observed by the rugged terrain and lava fields within the park.


The wildlife of this park is diverse, with approximately 39 species of mammals and 267 species of birds. The park is also home to 62 species of reptiles and 82 species of amphibians, including Panama�s famous golden frogs.