Cerro Hoya National Park

Cerro Hoya National Park covers approximately 80,500 acres in Los Santos Province and Veraguas Province, on the Azuero Peninsula. It is about 215 miles from Panama City. The terrain here is volcanic in origin, and varies greatly from coastline to mountains. This park actually contains the highest point on the peninsula, Cerro Hoya peak. There are also many rivers important to this area with beautiful waterfalls to explore, such as the Tonos�, Gu�nico, Cobach�n, Portobelo, Punta Blanca, Sierra, Varadero and the Pavo.

The coastal areas of the park include coral reefs, coastal cliffs, and mangrove swamps. The mountain areas are covered by dense forests, and are home to over 95 species of birds including the endangered scarlet macaw, the painted parakeet, the king vulture, osprey and mangrove black-hawk. Large populations of white tailed deer lived within the park, as well as jaguars and ocelots.

This is one of the least explored areas of the Azuero Peninsula, and the park does not have roads that penetrate very deeply into the park.