Embera Comarca

Embera Indian woven baskets

Embera Comarca in Panama is made up of two non-contiguous districts surrounded by the Darien Province. This comarca is extremely remote, and there are no roads that go to these areas, which are home to some 17,000 people, mostly Embera with a Wounaan minority.

The Embera and Wounaan tribes share a cultural past, as both were formerly known as the Choco because they migrated from the Choco province of Columbia in the late 18th century. These tribes continue to share a similar culture, but speak distinct languages.

The Embera and Wounaan are both accomplished artisans and produce elaborate and detailed tagus carvings from seeds of the Tagua tree. In addition, the basket weaving of the Embera and Wounaan is gaining an international reputation, and these beautiful baskets have been sold at North American art markets.