Fortuna Forest Reserve

The Fortuna Forest Reserve is located in the highlands of Chiriqui Province. It encompasses 48,200 acres of primarily cloud forest, located above the Edwin Fabrega Dam which goes across the upper Chiriqui River. It was created to protect this hydrological resource, and this area is considered a Hydrological Reserve by the National Authority for the Environment (ANAM). It is jointly managed by ANAM and EGE Fortuna, S.A.

More than 100 species of reptile have been identified in the Fortuna Forest Reserve. Local and migratory birds are also plentiful, especially between the months of September and April. Other species in this area include small rodents, jaguar, painted rabbits more than 50 species of bats. In addition, there are approximately 287 trees in each 2.5 acres, and is one of the best protected areas in Panama.