Darien - Panama

Hotels & Resorts - Darien

Cana Field Station

This field station is located in Darien National Park in the Darien Province and is run by Ancon Expeditions. It features rustic accommodations of 8 double occupancy bedrooms sharing 2 bathrooms with hot water available. Trips to the field station are either 5 or 8 days long and accompanied by a Naturalist Guide.

Punta Patino Lodge

This lodge is located in the Punta Patino Nature Reserve in the Darien Province. It features 10 air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms. The lodge also has a dining hall and a chapel dating back to the early 20th century. Trips to Punta Pati´┐Żo are guided by a Naturalist Guide.

Sambu Haus Bed and Breakfast

A rustic Bed and Breakfast located in the jungles of Samby, in the Darien Province. Offers 4 units to choose from, three with shared bath, one with private bath and A/C.