Las Cruces Trail National Park

The Camino De Cruces, or Las Cruces Trail, is a road created during Spanish colonial times that runs from Panama City to the River Chagres. The Spanish used this road over 400 years ago to transport riches from Peru, Baja California and Chile, down the river and across the ocean to Spain. The Camino De Cruces National Park is named after this road. A restored cobblestone section of road runs through the park and is open for visitors.

The Las Cruces Trail National Park is located about 9 miles from Panama City, and spans 11,000 acres between Soberania National Park and Metropolitan National Park. This is an important ecological corridor composed of heavily forested land which protects the natural flow of animals and birds between these two parks, as well as a portion of the Panama Canal.

Within this forested region there are large trees such as the cotton tree, cuipo, wild plum, and oak. There are also guayacan trees in this area whose spectacular flowers appear in April at the end of the dry season.

Many bird species make this park their home such as the crested eagle, pheasant cuckoo, the red and green macaw and the slaty-tailed trogon. Animals that can be found here include the Titi monkey, Geoffroy�s Tamarin monkey, armadillos, roe deer, white tailed deer, white nosed coati, agouti and the three fingered sloth.