Los Santos Province

Venado Beach

Los Santos Province is located on the Azuero Peninsula, bordering on Herrera Province and Veraguas Province. It is approximately a 4 to 5 hour drive from Panama City. It is divided into 7 districts. The capital city is Las Tablas, a small town that is thought of as the center of Carnival in Panama. It is famous for its carnival celebrations, as well as the Festival Nacional de la Pollera, and the Festival of the Patron Santa Librada. Las Tablas is a very traditional Spanish town with a rich colonial history. It features a central plaza that is surrounded by historic churches and government buildings.

Los Santos Province has approximately 125 miles of coastline, with many well-renowned beaches, such as El Arenal, Destiladeros, Las Almendras, El Toro, and Punta Mala in the district of Pedasi, and Los Uveritos, which is near Las Tablas. Playa Venado, which is located between the districts of Pedasi and Tonosi, is popular with surfers and several surfing competitions have been held here. There are also beaches on the island of Isla Iguana, which is known for its blue water and black sand. The island is 25 minutes by boat from Pedas´┐Ż. Surfing and snorkeling are some of the most popular activities among visiting tourists.

Iguana Island Beach

Two parks are located within Los Santos Province, Cerro Hoya National Park and Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge. Museums located within Los Santos include the Museum of Nationality, the Museum Belisario Porras and the Musuem Manuel F. Zarate. Other attractions in the area include an archeological site called the Sitio Arqueologico Cerro Juan Diaz, the Church of San Antanacio and the Church of Santa Librada.