Metropolitan National Park

Metropolitan National Park - Panama

The Metropolitan Nature Park, or Parque Natural Metropolitano, is one of the only national parks located within a metropolitan capital. It is a short 10-15 minute drive from Panama City and adjacent to Las Cruces Trail National Park. The park consists of approximately 573 acres of pacific dry forest, which is home to many species of butterflies, birds, reptiles and mammals.

The park has three main trails that are well maintained and easy to access. The trails include several look out points that provide panoramic views of Panama City, the Miraflores Locks, the port of Balboa and the Panama Canal. The grounds of the park include a small museum, a library and a gift shop.

Park Hours

The park hours are 6am to 5pm daily. The library is open 10:30am to 4pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 8:30 to 1:00pm.