Panama City

Panama Province

Panama Province is located on the Pacific side of Panama, bordering on the provinces of Darien, San Blas, Colon and Cocle. The capital of this province is Panama City, which is also the capital of the country of Panama. The province has a long coastline, which includes the beaches of Playa Gorgona, Playa Coronado, Playa San Carlos and Punta Chame Beach. The islands off the coast of Panama province include Isla Toboga and Isla Contadora.

Tourist Attractions

Although most information on the Panama Province focuses on Panama City itself, there are many other attractions in the area. There are several national parks located within this province, including the Parque Metropolitano, Altos De Campana National Park, Chagres National Park, Las Cruces Trail National Park, and Soberania National Park.

Bridge of the Americas


The two main bridges, the Bridge of the Americas and Centennial Bridge, that span the Panama Canal and connect North and South America are also located in the province of Panama.