Punta Patino Nature Reserve

The Punta Patino Nature Reserve is located within Darien Province, and is Panama's first privately run nature reserve. It covers 74,800 acres of tropical forest and savannah. This area was deforested through coconut, cattle and lumber operations prior to becoming a natural reserve, and has made a significant recovery since becoming protected. The Mogue, Mogoc´┐Żnaga, and Pati´┐Żo are three important rivers that run through this area.

This reserve supports an extensive biodiversity of plants, birds and mammals. Species found in this reserve include the capybara, gray foxes, Geoffroy's tamarins, night monkeys, jaguars and collared peccaries. Reptiles such as caimans and iguanas are common. Pilot and humpback whales and bottle-nosed dolphins can sometimes be seen in the Gulf of San Miguel. Bird species commonly found here include black-tailed trogons, boat-billed herons, and night herons.